My Story

leigha-montigue-jewelry-designer.jpgDesigning is what I have always loved. I have a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University. When I graduated, my first job was drafting residential homes, for a famous architect. When the opportunity to learn something new became available, I began drafting million dollar seed processing plants. I worked my way up to "Designer" and I designed seed processing plants, all over the world. After 8 years working at the engineering firm and right after I came back from maternity leave, with my first child, I was laid off. A coincidence? Nope. A blessing in disguise? YES! I love designing, anything really, buildings, homes, jewelry, websites, play houses, landscapes, interiors, clothing... So, I combined that with something I could do while my new baby boy was napping. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, my personalized beaded jewelry business has multiplied into 8 different lines and now I sell MY designs all over the world. My stay-at-home-mommy business became more than I ever imaged. I am very grateful that so many people love my designs and I have so many repeat customers. Thank YOU!


I am very proud of my designs and the quality of my work and I LOVE getting feedback. If you have a moment, during your busy day, please let me know what you think. 615.490.2177 (call or text) or


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