Simple & Bold Sterling Mothers Bracelet - SS2crystals

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.925 Sterling Silver

Simple & Bold Sterling Silver Birthstone Mothers Bracelet - SS2-1string

This is a 1-string Mother Birthstone bracelet with 1 name. To order one like this put SAVANNAH/March in the name blank, choose a Heart toggle claps and add a Birthstone Crystal Dangle. Personalized with names (birthstones optional), charms, .925 sterling silver beads 5-6mm alternating round smooth and .925 sterling silver 5.5mm alphabet block letters. The Birthstones before and after the names are optional and free. You may have up to 5 strings per personalized bracelet. If you need 5 strings, I recommend doing down 1mm in all the bead sizes, we can discuss this if you have 5 kids. Another option is putting 2 names per string. This personalized bracelet is also available with 14k gold-filled beads for mommys grandmas who love gold.

Featured Bracelet

B-DBL-SS2-1string - The SAVANNAH bracelet is shown with an upgraded Heart Toggle clasp and a March Birthstone Dangle Charm.
Name: March - Savannah - March


I am trying to figure out a better way to add charms to your bracelet order. Currently, you need to click here to see the pictures of your charm options. This will open up a new page. Then pick the charm(s) you would like to add and add them to your cart. Then come back to this page and add this bracelet to your cart.


I make and ship everything the next business day. I can further customize this design or any others on my website. Contact Me to further personalize this design.

Swarovski Crystals

*The Swarovski crystals are in birth month order (Jan/dark red/garnet, Feb/violet/amethyst, Mar/aquamarine, Apr/clear/diamond, May/dark green/emerald, Jun/lavender/light purple, Jul/red/ruby, Aug/light green/peridot, Sep/dark blue/sapphire, Oct/pink/Opal, Nov/gold/golden Topaz, Dec/light blue/turquoise. I also have deep purple, yellow, teal, peach, grey and black

Gallery Pictures:

1-string bracelets

1-string bracelet Jan-AVA-Jan shown with January Birthstone Crystals before and after the name (free) with a lobster claw clasp (free). 
1-string bracelet March-SAVANNAH-March is shown with an upgraded Heart Toggle clasp and a March Birthstone Dangle Charm.

2-string bracelets

2-string bracelet Nov-MADDIE JO-Nov & June-AUSTIN-June shown with free Birthstone Crystals and an upgraded Heart Toggle clasp
2-string bracelet September-DOMINIC-September & April-MADISON-April. They added the Heart Toggle Clasp