Grammy Birthstone Bracelet DBL-SS6-1Grammy

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.925 Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystals

Grammy Birthstone Bracelet - up to 12 Birthstones


This GRAMMY Birthstone Bracelet can be made with any name (e,g. GRAMMY, NANA, GRANDMA, MORMORE...). It is made with .925 sterling silver beads, square genuine Swarovski crystals (18 color options) and off-white cultured pearls, alternating with different sterling silver Bali beads, with .925 sterling silver alphabet block letters. This bracelet is shown with GRAMY and 6 birthstone colored crystal by Swarovski. You can have any name (or no name) and up to 12 different crystal colors on a 1 string bracelet or up to 48 on a 4 string bracelet. A wonder gift for gram, mommy or nana. You may add charms and gold beads to this grandchildrens' birthstone bracelet. 


I am trying to figure out a better way to add charms to your bracelet order. Currently, you need to click here to see the pictures of your charm options. This will open up a new page. Then pick the charm(s) you would like to add and add them to your cart. Then come back to this page and add this bracelet to your cart.


I make and ship everything the next business day. If you have any questions or would like to place your order over the phone, please call, text or email me! Contact Leigha

Swarovski Crystal Colors Shown

*The Swarovski crystals are in birth month order (Jan/dark red/garnet, Feb/violet/amethyst, Mar/aquamarine, Apr/clear/diamond, May/dark green/emerald, Jun/lavender/light purple, Jul/red/ruby, Aug/light green/peridot, Sep/dark blue/sapphire, Oct/pink/Opal, Nov/gold/golden Topaz, Dec/light blue/turquoise. I also have deep purple, yellow, teal, peach, grey and black.

This design is also available in

2 strings - up to 12 birthstones
3 strings - up to 24 birthstones
4 strings - up to 36 birthstones


Gallery Pictures:

1 STRING Bracelets

NANA Bracelet - DBL-SS6-1 string
How to order this one... Apr-Jul-NANA-Jul-Apr

Shown with a twisted toggle clasp

Add-ons: none

ANTHONY Bracelet DBL-SS6-1 string
Shown with a lobster claw clasp.

Name: ANTHONY/February
Clasp: Lobster
Add-ons: none

MILLIE and EVAN Bracelet DBL-SS6-1 string with 2 names
1 string / 2 name Mother Bracelet with Peridot Birthstone Crystals
Shown with a lobster claw clasp. Earrings not included in the price.

JACOB Bracelet DBL-SS6-1string
May Birthstone crystal bracelet with Emerald Swarovski crystals.
Name: may, may, JACOB, may, may 
Clasp: Twisted Toggle Clasp

EVAN, OLIVIA, KYLE Bracelet DBL-SS6-1 string with 3 names
Names: Jul/Evan - Jun/OLIVIA - Mar/Kyle 
This bracelet is shown with 3 names on 1 string. A birthstone crystal wouldn't fit before and after each name and still make the bracelet 7 1/2" so I just put on birthstone crystal on before each name. Up to 9 letters are free. They also added a Tiny Cross Charm next to the child they lost.

Grandma Bracelet DBL-SS6-1 string
Clasp: BEADED Toggle 
Add-on Charms: Boy Praying and Girl Praying charms

Birthstone Only, Bracelet DBL-SS6-1
This is a multi colored nana birthstone bracelet with no name and 4 different colored birthstone crystals.

Clasp: Beaded Toggle
Name/Crystals: February, August, October, November 

OWEN MARK Bracelet DBL-SS6-1 string
Name: Jun, Jun OWEN MARK Jun, Jun 
Clasp: Lobster 
Add-ons: Heart in a Heart charm

HUNTER Bracelet DBL-SS6-1 string
Clasp: Lobster 
Charms: None
Birth month: November / Topaz


JACKSON & NICHOLAS Bracelet DBL-SS6-2 strings 
This is a two string - two name bracelet with July Birthstone Crystals & January Birthstone Crystals and a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

STEFANIA & LEXI Bracelet DBL-SS6-2 strings shown with earrings 
This is a 2 string / 2 strand / 2 name Mothers Bracelet with August crystals on both string. 
They added earrings, a Heavy Heart toggle clasp and Birthstone Crystal Dangles.
FRANK & JOSEPH Bracelet DBL-SS6-2 strings shown
This is a 2 string / 2 strand / 2 name Mothers Bracelet with Pink and Blue crystals.
Names: Frank / October Birthstone - Joseph / December Birthstone
Clasp: Lobster
NINA & RAE Bracelet BL-SS6-2 strings
First and Middle Names - NINA RAE 
This is a 2 string / 2 strand 2 name Mothers Bracelet with November or Golden Topaz Swarovski Crystal beads. 
Shown with a toggle clasp.

GINA & VINCENT Bracelet - DBL-SS6-2 string
Names: Gina/July & Vincent/Febraury
Clasp: Lobster


SEAN - RYAN - AMANDA DBLSS6-3 string bracelet
3 Name Sterling Silver Mothers Bracelet
Names: (how to order) Sean (April), Ryan (October) & Amanda (July)
Shown with 1 add-on: Heart Toggle Clasp

ETHAN - KENDALL - MEGAN DBLSS6-3 string bracelet
Names: (how to order) ETHAN/July KENDALL/April MEGAN/October
3 String / 3 Name Mother or Grandmother Birthstone Bracelet
Clasp: Toggle
Charms: Fancy Cross and a Beaded Heart Charm

LEXI - NINA - LUCAS DBLSS6-3 string bracelet
Names: (how to order) LEXI/Aug, NINA/Nov, LUCAS/Dec
Clasp: Heart Toggle Clasp.
Charms: None


WILLIAM LUCAS STEFANYA LEXI Bracelet DBL-SS6-4string Mother Bracelet
Names: (how to order) Lucas/Dec - Willam/Dec - Lexi/Aug - Stafanya/Aug
Birthstone Crystal Dangles: December and August
Clasp: Slide clasp - If you order a 3,4 or 5 string bracelet I will contact you and we will discuss the clasp. I recommend a slide clasp.

HANNAH TAYLOR MACY BECKLEY Bracelet DBL-SS6-4 string Birthstone Bracelet
Names: (how to order) HANNAH/Aug - TAYLOR/Sep - MACY/Aug - BECKLEY/May
Clasp: Slide clasp - If you order a 3,4 or 5 string bracelet I will contact you and we will discuss the clasp. I recommend a slide clasp.

BUBBE MICHAEL MATTHEW SYDNEY Bracelet - DBL-SS6-4string Birthstone Bracelet
Names: (how to order) BUBBE/none MICHAEL/Aug MATTHEW/Oct SYDNEY/Dec Clasp: Slide clasp - If you order a 3,4 or 5 string bracelet I will contact you and we will discuss the clasp. I recommend a slide clasp.