Gemstone Name Bracelet - DBL-GemJack-1

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.925 Sterling Silver, Semi-precious Gemstones

Real Gemstone Mom Bracelet

This is a unique New Mommy Gift. The bracelet has the new baby's name.  The letter, number, and special character blocks are 4.5mm sterling silver with a number, letter or symbol on all 4 sides. The gemstones are a collection of beautiful colorful gemstones. Each bracelet is unique with varying gemstones. Peridot, garnet, amethyst, lapis, turquoise, topaz, onyx, agate, and jade are a few of the beautiful gemstones I carry. This bracelet has gemstones ranging between 4mm-6mm. A 7 1/2" bracelet is shown.
You may have up to 9 letters, free, per string. You may add multiple names, middle names, full names or include the names of mom and dad before and after the new baby name. A 5-string bracelet may have up to 45 free letters (5 string x 9 letters). We can put coordinates on any of our designs. Additional letters are a small fee per block. Contact me to order if you want to further personalize this design.

Primary Bracelet Picture

Name: JACK
Gemstone: Multiple Gemstones
Size: 7 1/2"
Toggle: Lobster Claw 

Real Gemstone & Bead Options Representing Birthmonths:

  • Garnet Beads (January Birthstone)

  • Amethyst Beads (February Birthstone)

  • Aquamarine Beads (March Birthstone)

  • Clear Quartz (April)

  • Green Mtn Jade (May)

  • Pearls (June Birthstone)

  • Red Swarovski Crystal (July)

  • Peridot Beads (August Birthstone)

  • Blue Agate (September)

  • Pink Malaysia Jade (October)

  • Citrine Beads (November Birthstone) 

  • Turquoise Beads (December)

  • Multiple Gemstones



I am trying to figure out a better way to add charms to your bracelet order. Currently, you need to click here to see the pictures of your charm options. Then, during the ordering process pick the number of charms you want to add and list them in the "Special Instructions" on this page.


I make and ship everything the next business day. I can further customize this design or any others on my website. Contact Me to further personalize this design.