Leather & Sterling Silver Daddy Bracelet™

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Leather, .925 Sterling Silver

Leather Daddy Bracelet™ with 5.5mm Alphabet Blocks

This Leather & Sterling Silver Daddy bracelet is made with .925 sterling silver 5.5mm alphabet block letters spelling your child's name or a favorite saying (e.g. BRAVE, SURVIVOR, DADDY). You may have as many letters or special characters, as will fit, on the man's (or woman's) leather bracelet. You may add spacers in between the block letters and special characters. The spacers are .925 sterling silver round balls. The clasp on the bracelet is .925 sterling silver too.

This bracelet (and all my bracelets and necklaces) can be further personalized. Just call or text me 615-490-2177 with questions or to place your orders.

Leather Cord

Black Greek Leather Cord with a .925 sterling silver clasp and .925 sterling silver Alphabet Block Cubes. You may have multiple names on one bracelet.

Gallery Images

"COSLEY" - 6 Characters
(Star of David symbol) - 1 Character
I AM MY BELOVEDS AND MY BELOVED IS MINE (in Hebrew) - 18 Characters
"WWJD" - 4 Characters
"NAMESTE (Heart)" - 8 Characters
"(Heart)C(Spacer)T(Spacer)M(Spacer)A(Spacer)Z(Heart)" - 11 Characters
"JOHN(spacer)3:16" - 9 Characters


I am trying to figure out a better way to add charms to your bracelet order. Currently, you need to click here to see the pictures of your charm options.  Then add the ones you want to your cart. Then come back to this page and add this bracelet to the cart.


I make and ship everything the next business day.

Special Character Alphabet Block Letters

Special Characters & Spacers

Special Characters include - Heart, Ampersand, Blank Tile, Cross, Flower, Star of David, Question Mark and Color. The Spacer ball is 5mm .925 sterling silver smooth and round.